Data Center Spa

Most data centers today are large impenetrable boxes, uninviting and hostile to the public. As a result of this, the project attempts to re-conceptualize the potential of the data center as active public space by proposing, as additional program, a tropical garden and a thermal spa. This new biodiverse environment, situated within the thick walls of the data center servers that frame the garden’s periphery and supply the necessary heat and water for its operation, provides a highly contrasted experience when set against the existing desert condition of the site. An articulated path cuts through the garden and extends beyond the walls of the data center, towards the city of Prineville in one direction and the current adjacent data center on the other.

Program: Wellness Data Center
Size: Medium
Year: 2012
Status: Unbuilt
Location: Oregon, United States

Design Team: Xristina Argyros, Ryan Neiheiser