Gallery House

The Gallery House is a space for the passionate art collector. The house weaves together spaces of domestic everyday life with idealized spaces for viewing art. On one side of the central axis of the house are rooms specifically crafted for viewing a range of different types of art, with carefully controlled light and room proportions. On the other side of the axis are individually designed rooms for living – bedrooms, kitchen dining room, etc. The house curates the experience of both, forcing the inhabitant to constantly move back and forth between art and life, between spaces of contemplation and spaces of interaction.

Acting as a sort of “palette cleanser”, the house refreshes, or resets the inhabitant’s mode of thinking throughout the day. Importantly, both types of space are always visually present – the warm glow of the fireplace from within the gallery, and vice versa, the newly acquired sculpture visible while preparing drinks for guests. The house is woven into the landscape, with a series of outdoor pools – some for swimming in, others simply as reflecting pools – and outdoor gardens, each extending the indoor spaces of the house into the surrounding landscape

Program: Private House
Size: Small
Year: 2015
Status: Unbuilt
Location: East Hampton, New York, United States

Design Team: Ryan Neiheiser, Xristina Argyros, Erez Levinberg