Linda Farrow Pop-Up Shop

The Linda Farrow Pop-Up space, part of the BOFFO Building Fashion project, is designed to transport the visitor from the dark winter of New York City to an infinite landscape. Eyewear mediates our vision and moderates our intake of light, but it also has the power to transform and transport. For this installation, the architectural elements are minimized while the spatial qualities essential to both vision and illusion – deep space, radiance, and reflection – are maximized. The only objects present are the Linda Farrow glasses, suspended against an undulating environment of rich material qualities – coarse piles of stone, gold structural displays, ethereal mirrors, polished marble, and crisp light. Parallel walls of mirrored reflection multiply the space in both directions, creating an infinite field that is both heavy and light, an expansive landscape paradoxically contained within the confines of a shipping container, an oasis of luxury and warmth unexpectedly discovered in a cold warehouse by the Hudson River.

Program: Pop-up Shop
Size: Small
Year: 2014
Status: Built
Location: New York City, United States

Client: Linda Farrow and Boffo
Design Team: Ryan Neiheser, Giancarlo Valle, Xristina Argyros
Photography: Naho Kubota